Amazon Invoice Downloader rebuilt from scratch. New Features Added

Amazon Invoice Downloader

Keep your invoices save!

This extension aims at helping you automatically download the invoices from your amazon orders. Buyers accounts only!
Its really simple to use and it comes with the following features:

  • Works on both .co.uk and .com, and more to come (.de, .fr...)
  • No assistance required.
  • Perfect for Dropshippers.
  • Never downloads duplicates
  • And many more to come...

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Subscription Types

Garage Sale
I have up to 5 0000 completed,
and up to 300 new orders monthly
$9.99 /month
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  • Up to 2
    Allowed IPs
  • 300 Monthly
    invoice downloads
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Busy Merchant
I have up to 15 0000 completed, and up to 700 new orders monthly
$19.99 /month
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  • Up to 3
    Allowed IPs
  • 700 Monthly
    invoice downloads
I have over 50 000 completed, and over 5 000 new orders monthly
$99.99 /month
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  • Up to 5
    Allowed IPs
  • 5000 Monthly
    invoice downloads

Plans Comparison

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Garage Sale
Suitable for testing or dropshipping beginners.
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Busy Merchant
Suitable for shop owners and experienced dropshippers.
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Suitable for expert salesmen, using multiple accounts.
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IP limit
Max 2 Max 3 Max 5
Base monthly download limit
300 700 5000
Store data across browsers
Max Invoice download speed
4 per minute 6 per minute 10 per minute
Intelligent downloader
Multiple accounts
Correct/Update Billing/Invoice address
1 Month money-back guarantee
Advanced web Dashboard
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